Key Issues

Tai Wilson has brought awareness to these issues and promises to continue to fight for them in many ways in both her professional and personal time. 

Safe and Clean Streets

Trentonians deserve safe communities, free from crime and violence where they can live, work and play.

Quality Education & Quality Education Facilities

Every student deserves to learn from qualified teachers in a safe environment.

Fair Policing

Residents of Trenton deserve law enforcement that understands they are responsible to all Trentonians.

Safe, Clean & Compliant Rental Properties

Landlords will be held responsible for maintenance, cleanliness and safely concerns.

Ordinance Enforcement

Enforcing ordinances protects and improves the quality of life for residents, businesses and visitors to Trenton.

Professional Attitudes from Public Servants

Issues concerning Trenton should be addressed in a courteous and professional manner by public servants and elected officials.

Livable Wages

Trentonians work hard to support their families and that should be reflected in the wages they are paid.

Responsive Leadership

All citizens’ concerns need to be met with approachable leadership that responds promptly.